A Matter of Time Shadow of Aire

   pohlaví: pes
   otec: Open Fire Shadow of Aire
   matka: Promise U Joy Shadow of Aire
   datum narození: 30.03.2009


A Matter of Time Shadow of Aire30.03.2009 Open Fire Shadow of Aire09.03.2004 Major Tom Greenfield's03.10.1997 Fairewood Flyer Stone Ridge
Heart's Desire Serendipity
Jamaica Shadow of Aire04.12.2001 It's Showtime v.d. Locher Mühle
Extreme Shadow of Aire06.02.1999
Promise U Joy Shadow of Aire20.03.2005 Legend Shadow of Aire23.01.2003 Zeus de Nagual
Extravaganza Shadow of Aire06.02.1999
Go For It Shadow of Aire24.10.2000 Sharon vom Tannenbruch25.06.1996
Final Touch v.d. Locher Mühle30.07.1995

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psi: All My Dreams  Always On My Mind  

feny: A Moment of Glory  Athena  


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