Shadow of Aire


Vrh A (4+1) ...03.12.1995... Rambo Dandy Black & Blue + Zana __
   psi: Able to Win  After Eight  Al Capone  Alleluia  
   feny: Abracadabra  
Vrh D (4+1) ...17.04.1998... It's Showtime v.d. Locher Mühle + Zana __
   psi: D.J.  Daddy’s Dream  Diplomat  Double Trouble  
   feny: Dee Dee  
Vrh E (8+5) ...06.02.1999... Sundance van't Asbroek + Final Touch v.d. Locher Mühle
   psi: Eagle Wings  Easy Rider  Ebony Eyes  Enthusiast  Eternal Joy  Expert  Extra Special  Extraordinary  
   feny: Eleganca  Endless Love  Eternity  Extravaganza  Extreme  
Vrh F (3+3) ...11.02.1999... Nobody van't Asbroek + Zana __
   psi: Fair Play  Faith No More  First Edition  
   feny: Fantasia  Fire’n'Ice  First Lady  
Vrh G (2+9) ...24.10.2000... Sharon vom Tannenbruch + Final Touch v.d. Locher Mühle
   psi: G-Man  Great Pretender  
   feny: Galaxy  Gipsy Queen  Give Me Hope  Glory Days  Go For It  Going To the Top  Golden Girl  Gone With The Wind  Grateful Lady  
Vrh H (6+1) ...16.02.2001... Extraordinary Shadow of Aire + Dee Dee Shadow of Aire
   psi: Handyman  Happy Go Lucky  Heartbreaker  Hold The Dream  Hot Roch  Hot’n'Spicy  
   feny: Heaven Can Wait  
   psi: Jupiter  Just in Time  
   feny: Jamaica  Jasmine  Joy Of My Life  
   psi: Kalypso  Kilimanjaro  King  Koh-i-Nor  
   feny: Khepri  Kimey  
Vrh L (3+5 (?)) ...23.01.2003... Zeus de Nagual + Extravaganza Shadow of Aire
   psi: Legend  
   feny: Last Temptation  
   ?: Let’s dance  Like A Wind  Love Touch To Ashgrove  Luxory  
Vrh M (7+4) ...07.07.2003... Caesar Mehovski + Eleganca Shadow of Aire
   psi: Major Tom  Man On a Mission  Mastercopy  Minute Man  Mister Sandman  More Magic  My Guy  
   feny: Memory of Joy  Midnight Lady  Misty Dream  Must Be Magic  
Vrh O (3+5) ...09.03.2004... Major Tom Greenfield's + Jamaica Shadow of Aire
   psi: Of You Go  Open Fire  Over The Top  
   feny: On My Mind  Once Again  One&Only  Only You  Opportunity  
   psi: Showtime  
Vrh P (5+5) ...20.03.2005... Legend Shadow of Aire + Go For It Shadow of Aire
   psi: Pretender  
   feny: Party Queen  Pepper  Promise U Joy  
Vrh T (3+3) ...23.02.2006... Major Tom Greenfield's + Must Be Magic Shadow of Aire
   psi: Take It Easy  Tango Dancer  Touch The Sky  
   feny: Tiffany  Titan s Purple Haze  Treasure of Tara  
Vrh U (2+6) ...01.08.2006... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Go For It Shadow of Aire
   psi: Undercover  Unikat  
   feny: U Make Me Happy  Ultimate Hope  Unbelivable Joy  Unique Choice  Up To The Sky  Utopia  
Vrh V (1+4) ...27.08.2006... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Extravaganza Shadow of Aire
   psi: Vulcano Kan  
   feny: Velvet Rose  Venus  Very Naughty  Victory  
Vrh W (4+4) ...10.03.2007... Dante in Tebross Stargus + Must Be Magic Shadow of Aire
   psi: Waterloo  Watson James Dewey  William Shakespeare  Willy Brandt  
   feny: Walla Walla  Westside Story  Wild Rose  Winter Lace  
Vrh X (5+5) ...06.04.2007... Man O’War v.d. Locher Mühle + Kimey Shadow of Aire
   psi: Yabba Dabba Doo  Yadon the Great  Yaff All The Time  Yesterday Lover  You Are So Perfect  Yuki On The Sky  
   feny: Yaris Vanilla  Yes or No  Yilly Witch  
Vrh Z (5+3) ...20.02.2008... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Pepper Shadow of Aire
Vrh A2 (4+3 (1+1 úhyn)) ...30.03.2009... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Promise U Joy Shadow of Aire
   psi: A Matter of Time  All My Dreams  Always On My Mind  
   feny: A Moment of Glory  Athena  
Vrh B2 (3+2) ...17.08.2009... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Last Temptation Shadow of Aire
   psi: Born to Win  Braveheart  
   feny: Blaze of Glory  Blue Moon  
Vrh C2 (5+4) ...25.12.2009... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Yes or No Shadow of Aire
   psi: Cadogan  Ceasar  Chief of Stuff  Cid  Conall  
   feny: Candy  Cardiguan  Cindy  Cita  
Vrh D2 (3+4) ...04.11.2010... Leap of Faith Joval + Alpha of Monaline
   psi: Dancer  Delta Plus  Dream  
   feny: Desire  Diamond of Alpha  Dixie Sweet  Dolly Bell  
Vrh E2 (3+4) ...18.12.2011... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Promise U Joy Shadow of Aire
   psi: Energy  Enjoying Life  Eternity Voice  
   feny: Elly  Emily  Expect The Best  Eyecatcher  
Vrh G2 (4+3) ...01.01.2012... Open Fire Shadow of Aire + Yes or No Shadow of Aire
Vrh H2 (3+3) ...30.12.2012... Dream Shadow of Aire + Athena Shadow of Aire
   psi: Hector  Helios  Hermes  
   feny: Hela  Hema  Hera  
Vrh J2 (0+1) ...09.11.2013... Don't Mess With Me Red Nokomis + Desire Shadow of Aire
Vrh K2 (6+1) ...23.11.2013... Dream Shadow of Aire + Liberty of Monaline
   psi: Kann  Kash  Kasper  Keep in Touch  Keep on Watching  Kind of Magic  
   feny: Kenya  
   psi: Lamborghini  Lionheart  Little Guy  Lover Boy  Lucky Star  Lunatic  
   feny: Last Chance  Leila  Limited Edition  Lost Angel  Love Song  

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